Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 31: We Have a Winner!

The girls and I have been praying extra hard for tickets to go see Wilson Phillips. We're low on budget so we've been counting on God. See, we were set on getting those discounted Upper Box (yes, Upper Box lang, sniff!) tickets from a coupon site, but missed it by a few hours!

When Random Minds first announced they were bringing in Wilson Phillips, Mia, Lara and I already knew we wanted to watch. We just needed to decide on how much we were willing to spend for it (c'mon, we work hard for our money, plus we have responsibilities - insert sheepish grin here).

Last week, we joined a couple of online contests and kept our fingers crossed. Figured that maybe we can win ourselves the tickets, just in case they don't put anything on sale anymore. Then, mid last week, Lara decides she was gonna sit this one out. She has a 6-month old baby boy (an adorable one at that) and can't leave him for long hours as he is exclusively breast-fed. She also didn't think it would start so late (8pm). So we agreed we'd meet for dinner before the show and that Mia and I will use the tickets in case one of us wins.

Then Friday morning, I woke up to this screaming (well, if text messages could scream, that is) text message from Mia...

Notice how she sends the text at 5:24am?!!!

Yes, Lara won us tickets! And Mia and I get to use them! I cannot believe it! Counting on God. WOW.

Extra blessed. I can't wait for October 12!

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