Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 9: Just Enough!

Today, as I was paying off bills, I was worried that I won't have enough to tide us over 'til the next payday. Payday doesn't happen until the second week of June. I know, so far. May is always a bad month for us financially - there's tuition, supplies, etc on top of the usual expenses.

But as I paid for the last obligation, I realized I had more than enough left for our everyday expenses.

Once again, today, I am thankful because God never fails to provide for what we need. Our bills paid in full... Thankful!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 8: Swimming Lessons

My mom woke us up early today. Too early, if you ask me, hehe. But she called to say the driver was on his way to pick the little boy (and his nanny) up. It turns out, she enrolled him again - this time for a 10-day swim course at the village pool.

RL is the only one who can't swim (if you don't count R), so swimming lessons made it to our priority summer bucket list. 

And just like that, mom made it possible.

Thanks, Mom! Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with a wonderful mom. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 7: Human Stuff!

My daughter A had her Showcase last Sunday. Like RL, my mom had her take a class with Trumpets for the summer (on top of Volleyball classes).

Her teachers picked her to play Scuttle as they were doing The Little Mermaid (the Disney Broadway Musical). I had no idea my daughter could sing so well! To my knowledge, she could memorize lyrics, but to carry out a tune? Think do-re-mi in monotone, Lol! Just kidding!

I have a video of her singing "Human Stuff" on my Facebook page.

Seriously, we were all surprised! She even had a solo - Human Stuff (the script was cut short to one and a half hours for the showcase). 

I can't tell you exactly how proud I felt! There was my daughter on stage - singing so well! On top of that, she made my parents (my mom most especially) soooo proud!

Thank You, Lord, for talent. What a blessing!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 6: Meeting Nick Vujicic!

Ever since I watched his videos on Youtube (plus his guest appearances on TV), I've always wanted to meet Nick Vujicic. I guess I can consider myself extra blessed since my aunt produced his Philippine tour, and meeting him was a high possibility.

Anyway, I didn't think to ask my aunt until yesterday during the event at the Big Dome. There we were at backstage and she tells me she's going to ask me to take her photo with Nick! And just like that, I was there in the room with Nick - taking my aunt's photos - not exactly meeting him, but wow!

But then, she introduces me, asks Nick if I can get a photo with him, and calls me over!

Aunt B, Nick Vujicic (yes, in a barong!) and me! #toohappy!

I love my aunt B, she is a blessing - not only to me, but to countless others. Thank you for the opportunity!

With my Aunt and Godmother (twice over), B! 

I am blessed!

Disclaimer: Small Steps!

I figured that the only way to keep this blog going is to continue blogging, regardless if I miss certain days. And there are days that I will skip, unintentionally, but you get my drift. Like the past weekend, for example. I was up to my neck in work that I dozed off immediately once my back hit the bed. It was a very tiring, albeit rewarding weekend.

Nevertheless, it isn't an excuse to stop or quit posting. I will not let the fact that I missed two days of Blessing posts to discourage me from blogging on this blog. I don't have to pressure myself to keep dishing out posts for those days I missed. Life happens. Get over it. Right. <<<--- that's me, motivating myself. LOL.

So there, now that I've made that clear, let's move on with the next blessed days. Hold my hand as we take "small steps in the same direction" (an excerpt from Nick Vujicic's talk the past weekend, hehe). I will not give up on this blog.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 5: Goosical!

Today, my little boy finished his Trumpets class with a showcase - Goosical. It is actually his first time with Trumpets, but he did pretty well!

RL plays Robin Red Breast. His costume was made by Regine Tolentino.

The girls have always been Trumpets babies. It was actually KY and my mom who decided to let Riley try out for this summer's Playshop. And my little boy surprised us that he indeed could be on stage!

Today, I am thankful God gave me a mom who loves me unconditionally - who cares for my kids (and gives them opportunities such as this). God knows how much heartache I've caused her (and my dad), and yet they choose to love me (and my family) regardless.

Thankful. Blessed. Loved.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 4: Simple Joy

I've been thinking about having balut for about two weeks now. Maybe more. Ever since watching the first few epis of Survivor: Caramoan, where they snack on balut for a challenge, this native delicacy has been on my mind.

So for the past two weeks, I've been watching out for Manong, the balut vendor. But I never seem to catch him.

Tonight though, as I got out of the car, there he was - right in front of our courtyard gate! 

So I finally had a balut tonight. Yay!

I am definitely thankful - even with the smallest of things. And you? What made your day today?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 3: Dinner Ticket!

I actually woke up to stress today. I am skipping details because I don't think it is worthy of this blog. Anyway...

Mid-afternoon, I got called up to my aunt's office. I was actually feeling a tad sad because of this morning's events, so I wasn't expecting much. Maybe this was a dash of salt to already-painful wounds. 

Turns out, she just wanted to hand me dinner tickets to a special Nick Vujicic event! Yes! I wasn't expecting a seat for this, maybe just a role with our selling team. But God wanted me to know I was His child, and that in spite of trials, I am still blessed.

Yay! I got a golden ticket! 

Thank you, Auntie B, this is a big blessing, and it definitely made my day!

You know how God can turn circumstances around in an instant? Well, He broke through for me today! Blessed!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 2: Mogu-Mogu!

Since my daughter A mentioned that my youngest brother, KA, gave her a big bottle of Mogu-Mogu once, I've been on the lookout for one. See, this is A's favorite drink. But so far, I've only seen the small bottles. A says my brother got the big bottles from Shoppersville, but so far, three separate visits to the Katipunan grocery has proven futile.

Today, after his meeting with our finance director, Boss S comes into my room and tells me to pick a bottle from a bag he was carrying. Mogu-Mogu! The BIG bottles!

Turns out, he went to school with the local distributor, and today, the distributor met with Boss S and the finance director. So A, after 10,000 years, here's your big bottle of Mogu-Mogu Strawberry!


Thank you, Boss! 

The small things still count. What small blessing are you thankful for?

Day1: Post-Mother's Day Lunch!

We usually do lunch on Sundays. But because it was Mother's Day yesterday, my folks decided to move lunch to Monday (to avoid the crowd). Thank goodness for holidays!

And thank you, Lord, for blessing us with this delish bounty from Passion! 

What a spread! Thankful for family! And an extra day off work. That, plus peaceful elections. 

What are you thankful for today?

Monday, May 13, 2013


So I figured that the only way I could get this blog going, and keep it alive is to NOT BE PRESSURED to dish out a post every single day. See, that's what had me procrastinating last time I resumed posting, it started to feel like a task. Whenever I missed days, I felt I had to write down everything, and eventually, the habit turned into a chore. Not that I didn't enjoy counting my blessings, but it became a pain to recount everything whenever I didn't have time to write (which usually would span from a couple of days to a whole week)!

Oh, and I felt pressured to post pictures! I realize now though that the photos are supplementary, not compulsory. Besides, I could always go back to a past post to update with pictures,

So here I am, hoping to jumpstart this blog. Yet, again. I need this activity to remind myself that God provides. And that Life isn't so unfair when you keep your eyes focused on a fair God.

Matthew 19:26

Staying focused,