Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 15: One 2 One +

I've been trying to purchase the Campus Edition of the One 2 One book, but our V-Mall store has been out of stock for some time now, pending a final agreement with Every Nation. So I did the next best thing. I asked my good friend, G, who happens to work at Every Nation to get me one. G has been so nice to give me the book for free (that's what friends are for? haha!)

Well, after two weeks of missing each other at church, my brother went to get it from G at the Fort (he had a meeting with D, the head pastor's son).

First step to Victory Weekend - the One 2 One book! Thank you, Ganns!

When I finally got the package, imagine my surprise when he also included the regular One 2 One book. When he called to let me know he got my package (exchange deal kami), he also told me great, great news (news I can't share at this point until we're 100% sure-sure). So yes, G, you were my blessing yesterday! Thank you!

Don't you love friends who think of you and your happiness? Oh joy! Bless G a thousandfold in return, Lord!

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