Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 24: Small Change

We had an event Friday night, and I had promised my nanny she can go watch the concert with the kids, while I worked. So I lugged everyone to V-Mall in the middle of the afternoon to catch Hello to Heaven, a worship event featuring Acel Van Ommen, Yeng Constantino, Barbie Almalbis, Emman Vera, etc.

I had a bad migraine that day, and after having downed two Advils, I didn't want any more meds in my system. Never mind the knocking headache, I just wanted to sleep. But I couldn't leave, and we were to stay 'til end of the night. So I thought I'd get myself coffee. Alas, I only had a 100-peso bill (for parking!) in my wallet. The stores were closed and I didn't have enough change for the vending machine.

Their Caffe Latte (my favorite) is P14.00, and I had thirteen ones. I went through the junk in my bag and found four 25-centavo coins. Right. The vending machine didn't take small change. So I went to look for my brother to ask if he had coins to spare. But I couldn't find him in the crowd.

I had resigned myself to the fact that maybe regular coffee was the way to go, only to see that the vending machine actually accepted 25-centavo coins! Woot! You won't believe how happy and thankful I was (babaw ko, I know, but I was so happy) that I was able to get my favorite Caffe Latte.

T'is the vending machine outside VCF-Greenhills. Caffe Latte is my favorite.

Thank You, Lord, for the small stuff! Are you thankful even for small blessings? COUNT IT ALL JOY! 

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