Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 17: Multiple Blessings!

A lot happened on Friday. I'm glad I started writing on this blog again, because it has developed the habit of being made more aware of God's provisions.

I finally went to Senco Link (licensed Apple dealer) to have them check my iPod Nano 1st Gen 2G. I called them first to ask for any requirements and was told that the unit had to have power. And that was all they needed to check on to see if you were qualified for the trade. I plugged in my Nano and couldn't get it to charge. The screen merely showed the Apple logo at first, and later showed the message "Battery very low".

I called my brother to my room and he explained that as long as the screen is up, that means the unit has power. And that the battery probably died (as is the usual prob with the Apple iPod Nano 1st Gen, hence the recall).

So over lunch, I drove a few blocks to Senco Link. The lady at the counter wasn't sure about my unit as it wouldn't turn on. She had to take it to the back office for checking. After what seemed like half an hour (but really just about 3minutes or so), she comes back to have me fill up a form.

"Three to four weeks, Ma'am. Papalitan po ng 6th Gen."

The old Nano will be shipped to Singapore. After 3-4 weeks, I get a 6th Gen FREE!

Woohoo! Thank You, Lord! That went without hitch!


After Senco Link, I went to check out the Korean Grocery on Mother Ignacia. Wanted to see if this particular store (a big one) had stock of any product with any of the Iconix characters (Pororo, Tayo, etc).

I had just locked my doors when I noticed my car moving back. It was sliding back to the street! Thank goodness for presence of mind (and for watching the movie, Courageous), I was quick to open the door, jump in and pull up the hand brake. Odd because the brakes were actually up! Good thing there weren't a lot of cars and that the slope wasn't steep. Nevertheless, I still ended up in the middle of the street.

Thank You, Lord, for keeping me safe!


My brother decided he was going to clean out his office (we have a guest coming on Monday). Alas, he gave me a mug full of candies and books for the kids - his junk, my treasure! These are products from recent trips to ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) in the US.

My Teacher's Assistant Mug. Hehe.
Books for the kids - a devotional for A, and a book on Virtues for RL!

I love it that I have been blessed with a thoughtful and generous brother!


I also got to buy the kids Phineas and Ferb figures without shelling out a dime. Used the GCs from Toys R Us to pay for these!

RL has a wild imagination. He can play with just these 4 figures for hours.

Wasn't that a Shower of Blessing? God must have decided to open a floodgate, just for me! I AM BLESSED!

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