Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 14: New Connection

Well a new friend, actually.

I was invited by my Kuya L to go meet his college best friend for dinner yesterday. See, we've actually been searching for a baby clothes supplier, not for NappyCakes, but for Worship Generation. We only print in small quantities, so it was pretty hard to find one who didn't require so much a minimum order.

Alas, KL's friend V turns out to be a local distributor of not only baby feeding products, but baby clothes as well! We actually met about something else last night, but this was great news! I consider this my blessing for yesterday. That, plus I got to eat at Red Kimono for free, as their family owns it. Hehe.

New Friend? Hehe. (Photo from

Thank you, Lord, for new friends! Have you made new friends lately?

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