Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 41: Thank You, Pot!

My office BFF JPot went to Davao on official business. Davao is love. Haha, if you don't know why, you should be reading my other blog (or wait, did I hide those posts?), LOL!

Anyway, because she read about that Starbucks mug my brother got in Cebu, look at what she had for me when she came back!

Starbucks Mug #2: Thanks, JPot!

Plus, she gave me a box of fruits! Mangosteen is by far, my favorite fruit! Hehehe.

That Davao Pomelo was soooo juicy, RL ate up half of it!

Thankful for friends who think of you even when they're away! Thank you for blessing me, Pot!

Day 40: Movie!

The kids and I haven't watched a movie in ages! We used to go on "Rockwell Sundays" with the 'rents but since I started volunteering for Kids' Church, I had to shelve it. Priorities, I guess. But also mostly because we now attend the 10am/2pm service (to avoid traffic) so having lunch and a movie becomes out of the question.

So when my mom asked us to watch with them, my kids were thrilled. We make it a point to watch the cartoons with them, because RL loves watching movies with my brothers - that and because my dad makes it a point to get him his own big bag of Cheetos. LOL!

We watched Hotel Transylvania. For free.

Yaya J kept laughing throughout this movie!
Think she enjoyed this one more than my little boy. Hehe.

Hehehe. Thanks, Mom! And Dad (for the Cheetos!).

Have you gone on a movie date lately? What was the last movie you watched with your folks?

Day 39: "Your Majesty..."

"..And honorable guests..." Oh yes, guess who got to watch "The King and I" for free? Haha, ok, not exactly free, because I'm sure my mom spent good money on our tickets but yep, she got A and I tickets to go watch with them. What a blessing!

Your Majesty, I beg to put before you, Wicked Simon of Legree!

I love theatre so this was a great blessing. "The King and I" holds a special place in my heart because we performed Uncle Tom's Cabin for International Week back in Middle School. We had won a competition and went on to perform this several times after. Yes, that portion from "The King and I" where Tuptim narrates the story in front of the king and his foreign guests. My daughter has yet to catch the theatre bug, but she loved this better than "The Sound of Music". Added bonus was seeing Sheila Valderrama after the show and getting a fan girl photo with her. She played Anna that day and was dazzling!

KY and I with Sheila Valderrama.

The King and I is currently being staged at the Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World Manila. For more info, please visit the RWM Website here.

Received any blessings from your parents lately? I love how this was a reminder that they still constantly think of me!

Day 38: An Extra Day!

My office mate ordered a NappyCake for Chef Bruce, whose wife had given birth to their second son. I had been busy those days with work and the S&R Sale (hehe) that I couldn't find time to finish this cake on time. That plus, she had tasked me to put together a gift basket of ge-lai stuff. But God is good and He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. I was given an extra day to finish the cake!

Excuse the mess! Hehe, I have a toddler in the house!

I realize I posted this photo on a previous entry, but this cake is the one I made for Chef Bruce, so I'm posting again. Hehe.

What does extra time mean to you? For me, it is a precious blessing! I need more than 24-hours in a day!


So has it been over a month now? Argh! Forgive me while I find my balance and get back to updating this blog. So much for developing a habit. Sigh. I can't tell you exactly how stressed I've been lately. Add to that the fact that I am currently sick with the bug. Not just sick, but so sick. And yet, because of the Christmas rush, I have no choice but to make it to work. My daughter, A, caught the bug from me as of this writing. I know, sad. :( I'm trusting God that He will keep RL safe. It's so hard being sick while caring for sick loved ones.

Baby Blues is my fave comic strip ever. Check out more strips at

Please do bear with me as I try to make up for lost time. I shall update this blog as much as I can in the next few days 'til it gets to present day. If I skip a few days, forgive me, this elephant has lost a few of its nuts. Eeps.

- Kaye -