Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 23: No Charge!

I work for the music industry. And about twice a month, I have to place orders for manufacturing parts, particularly with a very strict principal/ label. If you miss their canvassing deadline, you have to pay a late fine of US$100.00 for artwork and another US$100.00 to get the audio sent to you. But only when you're late.

I had previously ordered finished goods from them for a particular release. We were okay with just having a handful of imported stocks because this band isn't well-known. But that has changed since, as they are coming to Manila for October's SAVED FESTIVAL.

Abandon will be here for this year's SAVED Festival at the SM Arena!

So I sent an email last week for pahabol parts. Just the artwork since I can use a finished product as audio master. I kept my fingers crossed as I asked my contact if she could maybe waive the US$100.00 fine (aba, P4,000+ din yun a!).

Lo and behold, she replied with an "of course!" Apparently, if a group or band is visiting to do a show, you can request for parts for their past releases, at no extra charge (I didn't know this!). Yay! I'm thankful I was able to save the company money. Thank You, Lord, for this!

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