Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 11: Coupon Saturday

I've been holding on to a coupon for months now. But because of work and a full schedule, I couldn't take the kids to use the coupons. Last week, my schedule saw some light, and I was finally able to use the coupons (which were expiring over the weekend, by the way).

At Fun Ranch's Playdium.
After a weeknight using the Fun Ranch Playdium coupon, the kids were excited to use their coupons for Wowowheels. I had initially thought we weren't going to make it Saturday afternoon, since Kuya Kim had said 80% chance of rain. I said a little prayer and drove to Eton Centris.

Broom-broom! I had to ride with RL, but stepped off to take this pic.

Alas, we got to ride for a good hour without rain, then the next hour with a little drizzle. But Eton has those big shades that keep you from getting wet, so we were able to ride at ease.

That evening, we went to get Mickey groomed at Furry Tails. Used a coupon I had purchase for P990 for 5 sessions. We almost didn't make it to the evening's cut-off, but the owner graciously allowed us to get Mickey groomed.

I love how God makes a way, even when there seems to be no way.

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