Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 12: I Spy an iGuy!

We've been saving up for an iGuy for the iPad. I haven't been able to leave the iPad at home with RL (who practically owns it, given that he's on it more than anyone else) as I am scared he might accidentally drop it.

It's been out of stock for a while. So it was a cool surprise to see new stocks available (and for the New iPad, too!) at Digital Walker, V-Mall! I wasn't even planning on checking out the store. We were snacking on fresh lumpia, kwek-kwek and french fries (yes, what a combo!) when I decided to take a peek.

Hi-5 on the iPad, safe in the iGuy.

I still don't tell RL that the iPad is sitting in my closet at home, safely tucked inside the iGuy, but I have given instructions to Ate J to give it to him when he'd ask. Somehow, the cat also loves the smell of the iGuy and has been trying to bite it. So RL can only use the iPad on the bed, inside the bedroom with the door closed. LOL.

Nevertheless, I am thankful we were finally able to get one!

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