Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 16: iPod Nano Verified - Qualified!

Woot! Today I found out that my old, almost lost, iPod Nano 1st Gen is qualified for the iPod Nano Recall and Replace Program!

My long, lost iPod Nano 1st Gen. Now to find KY's from the old condo...

I've been trying to find this old gadget since they announced the recall late last year. Alas, I wasn't the one who packed it when we moved, so I didn't know where to look. Thank goodness, our old nanny J is back with us. I had asked her to look for it over the weekend, and finally got to check its serial number today - VERIFIED and QUALIFIED! Woohoo!

Tomorrow, I shall call Senco Link and maybe bring my old Nano to their Tomas Morato office to start the replacement process. I've read accounts of local bloggers, and they got a cool, iPod Nano 6th Gen as replacement. I can't wait!

Thank you, Lord, for this unexpected blessing! Yay!

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