Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 18: Token Prize!

The kids and I attended a party Saturday afternoon. After which, I decided to take them to a nearby mall to check out Daiso. RL, who hates shopping, was pretty bored and wanted to go home. I had no nanny over the weekend, so I had no choice but to take the kids. After 10 minutes or so, RL was ready to throw a fit, exclaiming all the excuses about how he was bored, sleepy, tired, etc. Until he saw Tom's World. 

Because I knew a small plush (yes! another plush!) would give me at least half an hour of peace, I gave in and bought P50.00 worth of tokens. This is what we won! A 6-inch Stitch in Bee Costume Plush (from the claw machine) and an Angry Birds Bath Towel (from the Cube Machine)!

Yay! We won these! And spent only P50 playing!

My little boy went home happy, and Momma and A got to shop at Daiso in peace. Hehe. Thank You, Lord, for family Saturdays.

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