Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 2: Hand-Me-Downs

This post is meant for yesterday. But I couldn't log onto Globe yesterday. The good news is, after placing a call to the hotline and ranting a good 5 minutes to the lady who took my call (and a dozen of apologies later), I finally got connected!

Anyway, back to my Day 2 post. My cousin K sent me a message on FB last week, asking me if I wanted her daughter's hand-me-downs for A. Not that A doesn't have enough clothes, but I said sure anyway. A gets her clothes from 2 sources: HongKong and hand-me-downs. Having an older sister sure has its perks. Especially if the older sister has store credit spelled as G-R-A-N-D-M-A. LOL! Now, we add older girl cousins to the list. Hehe.

So last week, my cousin W (K's husband) brings this huge plastic bag of clothes to the office. I checked the loot and at the bottom of the pile was a pair of ZooYorks! In white, too!

A has been telling me how her PE teacher has been telling her that sneakers aren't allowed for PE use. And that she had to get a good pair of white rubber shoes. We've been putting off the purchase for over a month now, and getting by with her Chucks (sometimes her teacher fails to notice), until finally, I took home the pair of ZooYorks, to her utmost delight!

White ZooYorks in a size 7 - perfect!

So yes, thankful for cousins who think of my kids. And hand-me-downs that save us from dents to the wallet. Perfect blessing! Thanks!

How has your family blessed you today?

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