Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 14: Photobook Deal!

My siblings and I have been planning on getting a coffeetable book made for our mom. When they moved to their new home in Quezon City, they had my photographer friends document every new nook of their house. The plan was to have the photos compiled into one nifty photobook. However, my friends have a new baby and you know how time-demanding a new baby can be.

So my sibs and I were thinking we should just design and have the photobook made ourselves. But photobooks are pricey. The last deal we saw on one of the groupon sites was for a small photobook. Knowing my mom, she'd want something grand to show off her grand home.

Lucky Blessed us, the Philippine Groupon site has the perfect photobook printing service on sale this week!

Perfect Photobook deal at Groupon Philippines!

We got the P1400 for P6000 worth of Photobook from Photobook Philippines deal! Great deal, huh?

I am excited to start this project and can't wait to give this to our mom for Christmas. Yes, Christmas. It takes time and dedication to edit photos. But not to worry, we're starting early. Which reminds me, that 2011 family calendar needs editing... ooops. Changing the dates to 2012. Late na e. LOL!

Wanna know the best part? My brother KM paid for this deal! Haha! But I'd have to edit, so I'd say... quits! :D

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