Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 4: Dinner!

It's A's exam week. Needless to say, I am stressed. I have to get up early (430am!), get her ready for school, get ready for work, work, run errands, tutor, etc. Oh and I have to cook dinner, because my nanny, B, doesn't cook (she's only 18).

My mom says I have to teach her how to cook. And I've been doing that each time I cooked dinner all the past 4 months she's been with us. 4 months - I've probably cooked more meals now than I ever did in my whole life! LOL! Seriously, I love to cook, but it's been so stressful lately, it's becoming quite a chore.

Yesterday, my dad calls me into his office and tells me he has food for us. And he tells me "so you won't have to cook dinner."

Gising-gising. Tacky phone pic, I know. But nom! My kids love this! 

Woot! So blessed that someone actually thought about the small things, because they do matter.

Big things come in little packages! How has your day been blessed?

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