Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 9: Free Haircut!

Note: Didn't get to blog during the weekend, sorry!

My mom took RL out on a date Saturday afternoon. My kids get separate dates with their Granny, and they both look forward to it. Saturday was RL's day, and my mom took him to get his haircut.

Ever since RL watched both A and me at the salon two months ago, he's been bugging everyone for a hair cut. We were all scared he'd do another Trinoma episode (cried his heart out for all of Trinoma to hear, when we went to have his hair shaved off last year for a wedding), but the last haircut was decent enough. So when my mom asked if she can take RL to get his haircut, I said yes.

Serious little boy getting his long hair chopped. (Photo from KY's iTouch)

The best thing about dates with Granny? My kids get to do what they want (ie. buy what they want) and I don't have to spend a dime! LOL!

I am blessed with a great mother who dotes on my kids. Thank you, Lord.

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