Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 16: Rare Opportunities

These deals are rare and you have to be mighty blessed to get first dibs on it. I was about to sleep when a tiny voice told me to get up and check my mail. I wasn't sleepy but didn't want to get up so I used my phone to log in.

Whaddyaknow! Right when 5J announced their "Tie a YelLOW, LOW, LOW Ribbon Seat Sale"!!!

Can someone say... "Seat Sale?!!!" This is almost as good as it gets!

And just like that, my little boy and I have tickets back to the homeland! A has to stay home because she cannot afford to miss classes, boo! :( We're meeting friends from Japan, so this sale came at just the right time.

P4,777.27 ALL-IN for two Round-trip seats and baggage allowance. Great deal, donchathink? My God sure is watching over me!

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