Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 23: That Long Audition...

...that took 3hours from my Saturday, and kept me from leaving early for the out-of-town vacay turned out to be a blessing!

Mamma Mia - the Smash Hit Musical!

I took KY to her Mamma Mia auditions Saturday. My dad was supposed to take her, but he had to leave with my mom and my kids on the big van. They were our early party, since they were doing the check-in. So my brother KM was supposed to take KY instead. But he wasn't dressed yet when I got to their house and was actually busy strapping the bikes to the back of his SUV. So I took KY.

It was a boring 3hours. I waited and waited. Had Kesong Puti Pillows and a glass of cold Pineapple Tea from the cafe where the auditions were being held. I was so hungry, since I had early brunch (around 10am) to prep for the trip north.

Anyway, KY passed the screening, and will play Ali in a benefit show this December. So yay!

God sure knows how to turn my days around. So happy KY got the part!

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