Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I went on vacay, and didn't get to blog because of the following reasons:

1) My SmartBro service was down due to the typhoon and I couldn't get a decent signal. Was somewhere up North where Typhoon Mina was strongest.
2) It is mighty difficult to blog on the iTouch, especially when I can only do so during free Wifi breaks at the Cafe.
and 3) My mom hates it when I bring the laptop since it breaks all forms of communication. So I refrained from taking it out and lazed around all long weekend.

So there. Now that I have all my excuses out of the way...

I have sad news. My iTouch died last night. Our nanny forgot that it was sitting on her lap, so when she got out of the car, it fell. I thought she had it with her so I didn't look for it until 2 hours later. After another hour of searching, and turning the car upside down and looking through bags and shopping bags, we found it in the gutter two houses away - ran over, soaked, broken, cracked and useless. The good news is, my friend T told me he could have a look-see and check if maybe he can just replace the screen. So I'm letting it sit in a bowl of uncooked rice with 4 packs of silica gel to get the moisture out. Keeping my hopes up, and all fingers crossed.

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