Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 15: Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival

Today is Quezon City day. Yay!

I needed the day off, and I got it today. I stayed in bed and lounged in my PJs the whole day. Wasn't anywhere near productive (except for cooking lunch), but that's all good, right?

My kids are sick, but the pedia isn't at the clinic today. I hate it when illness comes to my home. Medicine is so expensive nowadays. :( Sigh.

But God is in control, and I know He watches over me and my family.

Today, my mom got us tickets for the upcoming Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival! Yay! RL is excited! He loves Mickey!

Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival in Manila on October 5-9!

God is good! He gave me a mom who knows how to turn our blah days into dancing! I love my mom!

Check out Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival here.

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