Monday, May 13, 2013


So I figured that the only way I could get this blog going, and keep it alive is to NOT BE PRESSURED to dish out a post every single day. See, that's what had me procrastinating last time I resumed posting, it started to feel like a task. Whenever I missed days, I felt I had to write down everything, and eventually, the habit turned into a chore. Not that I didn't enjoy counting my blessings, but it became a pain to recount everything whenever I didn't have time to write (which usually would span from a couple of days to a whole week)!

Oh, and I felt pressured to post pictures! I realize now though that the photos are supplementary, not compulsory. Besides, I could always go back to a past post to update with pictures,

So here I am, hoping to jumpstart this blog. Yet, again. I need this activity to remind myself that God provides. And that Life isn't so unfair when you keep your eyes focused on a fair God.

Matthew 19:26

Staying focused,

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