Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 6: Meeting Nick Vujicic!

Ever since I watched his videos on Youtube (plus his guest appearances on TV), I've always wanted to meet Nick Vujicic. I guess I can consider myself extra blessed since my aunt produced his Philippine tour, and meeting him was a high possibility.

Anyway, I didn't think to ask my aunt until yesterday during the event at the Big Dome. There we were at backstage and she tells me she's going to ask me to take her photo with Nick! And just like that, I was there in the room with Nick - taking my aunt's photos - not exactly meeting him, but wow!

But then, she introduces me, asks Nick if I can get a photo with him, and calls me over!

Aunt B, Nick Vujicic (yes, in a barong!) and me! #toohappy!

I love my aunt B, she is a blessing - not only to me, but to countless others. Thank you for the opportunity!

With my Aunt and Godmother (twice over), B! 

I am blessed!

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