Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 7: Human Stuff!

My daughter A had her Showcase last Sunday. Like RL, my mom had her take a class with Trumpets for the summer (on top of Volleyball classes).

Her teachers picked her to play Scuttle as they were doing The Little Mermaid (the Disney Broadway Musical). I had no idea my daughter could sing so well! To my knowledge, she could memorize lyrics, but to carry out a tune? Think do-re-mi in monotone, Lol! Just kidding!

I have a video of her singing "Human Stuff" on my Facebook page.

Seriously, we were all surprised! She even had a solo - Human Stuff (the script was cut short to one and a half hours for the showcase). 

I can't tell you exactly how proud I felt! There was my daughter on stage - singing so well! On top of that, she made my parents (my mom most especially) soooo proud!

Thank You, Lord, for talent. What a blessing!

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