Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 5: Goosical!

Today, my little boy finished his Trumpets class with a showcase - Goosical. It is actually his first time with Trumpets, but he did pretty well!

RL plays Robin Red Breast. His costume was made by Regine Tolentino.

The girls have always been Trumpets babies. It was actually KY and my mom who decided to let Riley try out for this summer's Playshop. And my little boy surprised us that he indeed could be on stage!

Today, I am thankful God gave me a mom who loves me unconditionally - who cares for my kids (and gives them opportunities such as this). God knows how much heartache I've caused her (and my dad), and yet they choose to love me (and my family) regardless.

Thankful. Blessed. Loved.

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