Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 3: Dinner Ticket!

I actually woke up to stress today. I am skipping details because I don't think it is worthy of this blog. Anyway...

Mid-afternoon, I got called up to my aunt's office. I was actually feeling a tad sad because of this morning's events, so I wasn't expecting much. Maybe this was a dash of salt to already-painful wounds. 

Turns out, she just wanted to hand me dinner tickets to a special Nick Vujicic event! Yes! I wasn't expecting a seat for this, maybe just a role with our selling team. But God wanted me to know I was His child, and that in spite of trials, I am still blessed.

Yay! I got a golden ticket! 

Thank you, Auntie B, this is a big blessing, and it definitely made my day!

You know how God can turn circumstances around in an instant? Well, He broke through for me today! Blessed!

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