Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 41: Thank You, Pot!

My office BFF JPot went to Davao on official business. Davao is love. Haha, if you don't know why, you should be reading my other blog (or wait, did I hide those posts?), LOL!

Anyway, because she read about that Starbucks mug my brother got in Cebu, look at what she had for me when she came back!

Starbucks Mug #2: Thanks, JPot!

Plus, she gave me a box of fruits! Mangosteen is by far, my favorite fruit! Hehehe.

That Davao Pomelo was soooo juicy, RL ate up half of it!

Thankful for friends who think of you even when they're away! Thank you for blessing me, Pot!

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