Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disclaimer: Small Steps!

I figured that the only way to keep this blog going is to continue blogging, regardless if I miss certain days. And there are days that I will skip, unintentionally, but you get my drift. Like the past weekend, for example. I was up to my neck in work that I dozed off immediately once my back hit the bed. It was a very tiring, albeit rewarding weekend.

Nevertheless, it isn't an excuse to stop or quit posting. I will not let the fact that I missed two days of Blessing posts to discourage me from blogging on this blog. I don't have to pressure myself to keep dishing out posts for those days I missed. Life happens. Get over it. Right. <<<--- that's me, motivating myself. LOL.

So there, now that I've made that clear, let's move on with the next blessed days. Hold my hand as we take "small steps in the same direction" (an excerpt from Nick Vujicic's talk the past weekend, hehe). I will not give up on this blog.

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