Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 14: He More Than Provides!

I've been feeling down the past couple of weeks. 

Why? Well, you know how some people live from paycheck to paycheck? Well, I've been living the same way recently. Only because my life is currently full of unexpected expenses. Thankfully, not emergency cases, but still, unexpected.

So last Friday, I was telling my friends at the office how stressed I was that the 25th was still a weekend and a day away. It has reached a point where I will choose to just stay home because I would rather save the last few pesos in my bank account over spending it.

Expenses. Bills. And then there's that tuition payment up next month.

Then I remember Pastor Dennis' message in church about two Sundays ago. He said something in the gist of "When you are in need of something, why tell your friends? Tell God!" So I shook off my worry and spent my weekend in faith.

I was actually thinking of sitting out the second service at church (I volunteer for two services during 4th week Children's Church) because I didn't want to spend for lunch (we get a 2-hour break in between services). But then my folks invited us for KY's despidida lunch at Sambokojin so I got to do two services! Yay!

Monday night, the nanny hands me two envelopes from Meralco. She says in a worried tone, "hala, disconnection notice!" I look at her and quickly refuted, "Of course not, I always pay ahead of time!"

I opened the first envelope and read that I was getting credit for my good payer status and my bill deposit (which apparently earned interest over the years). I opened the second envelope and found this:


God gives the sweetest surprises! You take care of His business, He is faithful to take care of yours! Unexpected expenses and yet with my awesome, Heavenly Father, you can expect the "good kind" of unexpected.

Thank You, Lord!

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