Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 11: Unexpected Gift!

Right before church last Sunday, we bumped into our pastor and friend (I shall not name him here for privacy reasons). He asked if we were attending the 2pm service (we were actually late since RL wanted some grub, and we took a detour to Jollibee). Because we had to enter the center, he asked me to look for him after church service.

I wondered why he needed to talk to me. I wondered if he had heard that I stepped down as CC Coordinator (I did, but N took over, she is way better than me!). So after church, I made a beeline to the church office, only to find out they were in a meeting. 

So I waited.

After a few minutes, he steps out, and I asked if he still needed to have a word with me. 

It turns out he wanted to give us a gift! This gift is nothing small, I tell you. It is a big blessing.

Thank you for thinking of us! May God bless you back a hundredfold!

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