Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 15: Tumatalon-talon sa Super Saya!

It started with this post! My good friend (and cousin!) Thammie Sy wrote about a Nido Supermom supplement where she contributes as writer. I haven't been getting Smart Parenting since I moved out of SYSU Marketing, so I thought to buy one when we went to the bookstore to buy A's school supplies. The Nido Supermom supplement comes with a password that actually gives you a chance to win an iPad Mini!

That was over a month ago.

Today, while working on permits, I received this.

Oh. My. Gulay!!!

I can't believe it! An iPad Mini! For FREE!

Lord, You are the sweetest love of all! 


  1. Woah! Unexpected surprises such as this are the best! :)

    Got your link from Mommy fluer's blog when you commented about Anika and going to school. What caught my attention was when you said your brother used to go to Casa (Montessori). Is that Casa de Bambini Montesssori school? I went there kasi when I was in elementary. Just don't ask when, it's been ages ago. Hehehe :)

  2. He went to OB Montessori - Greenhills. :)

    Thanks for visiting the blog! God gives the grandest surprises!