Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 13: Raincoat!

Last Saturday, after our pre-Father's Day brunch at Solaire, the kids and I spent a good hour looking for a Spider-Man raincoat to match RL's backpack and lunchbag. The little boy is into Spider-Man nowadays, for reasons unknown to anyone in the house. One summer day, he came up to me pretending to shoot web from his folded hands, declared me his captive, and that was that - the start of an obsession.  I don't even remember introducing him to Spider-Man. Nope, I don't think he even caught any of the movies. So how? I have no idea.

But anyway, so we spent that good hour looking, to no avail. In fact, Sunday evening, I told RL he was bringing his old Mickey Mouse and Friends windbreaker to school - an expensive one we got two years ago at Disneyland. And although he still adores Mickey, he resolved he was getting a Spider-Man raincoat, and asked me to include it in our bedtime prayer.

Fast track to Tuesday at the office, my graphic artist and ever-helpful assistant G asked me if RL needed a raincoat. He tells me his son has two that were too small for him, and that they were new and from the US. He then proceeds to let me know that one had Mickey on it, and the other one was a superhero - Batman, he thinks. I asked if he wanted to sell me one, but he says he's giving it to RL.

I didn't think much about it and thought RL would probably settle for Batman. And maybe I can have him watch some of the early (and brighter) Batman movies, just so he'd develop a liking for the character. So yesterday, when I got to the office, G tells me he has the raincoat. I went to his work area, and surprise! Surprise! The superhero character turned out to be Spider-Man!

Yay, Spider-Man! Amazing power of prayer and child-like faith!

RL was ecstatic when I showed him yesterday! "Jesus answered our prayer!", he declared!

Yes, baby, He sure did!

Thank you, G! And thank You, Lord, for answering my little boy's prayer!

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