Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 40: Movie!

The kids and I haven't watched a movie in ages! We used to go on "Rockwell Sundays" with the 'rents but since I started volunteering for Kids' Church, I had to shelve it. Priorities, I guess. But also mostly because we now attend the 10am/2pm service (to avoid traffic) so having lunch and a movie becomes out of the question.

So when my mom asked us to watch with them, my kids were thrilled. We make it a point to watch the cartoons with them, because RL loves watching movies with my brothers - that and because my dad makes it a point to get him his own big bag of Cheetos. LOL!

We watched Hotel Transylvania. For free.

Yaya J kept laughing throughout this movie!
Think she enjoyed this one more than my little boy. Hehe.

Hehehe. Thanks, Mom! And Dad (for the Cheetos!).

Have you gone on a movie date lately? What was the last movie you watched with your folks?

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