Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 39: "Your Majesty..."

"..And honorable guests..." Oh yes, guess who got to watch "The King and I" for free? Haha, ok, not exactly free, because I'm sure my mom spent good money on our tickets but yep, she got A and I tickets to go watch with them. What a blessing!

Your Majesty, I beg to put before you, Wicked Simon of Legree!

I love theatre so this was a great blessing. "The King and I" holds a special place in my heart because we performed Uncle Tom's Cabin for International Week back in Middle School. We had won a competition and went on to perform this several times after. Yes, that portion from "The King and I" where Tuptim narrates the story in front of the king and his foreign guests. My daughter has yet to catch the theatre bug, but she loved this better than "The Sound of Music". Added bonus was seeing Sheila Valderrama after the show and getting a fan girl photo with her. She played Anna that day and was dazzling!

KY and I with Sheila Valderrama.

The King and I is currently being staged at the Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World Manila. For more info, please visit the RWM Website here.

Received any blessings from your parents lately? I love how this was a reminder that they still constantly think of me!

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