Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 36: Break In!

So we trooped to S&R's Members' Treat on Wednesday morning. I was coded that day, so naturally, when lunch came and went, and we were still in the store waiting for those two ladies to finish with their Gift Certificate transactions, I was a tad stressed and panicking.

But you know how it is when things go wrong, and Murphy's Law takes over - everything else goes wrong. What many of you don't know is when we got home, we found ourselves locked out of our house. Somehow, the security latch caught and we couldn't push the door open.

It was a big blessing that our neighbors were home. Doc A had taken the day off from work to rest from the previous night's surgery. I bet he didn't think he'd be performing surgery on my door! LOL! His brother-in-law, CL, was also home. A good thing, too, as he had a lot of tools in his workshop. It took roughly a loud, noisy and messy 30 minutes (maybe even more) to break the lock and get ourselves inside the house. Doc and CL tried all sorts to break the screws holding the latch to the door frame - screwdriver, saw, drill, hammer, etc. But it held on for so long - so much so that we all realized how hard it would be for anyone to break into our home. LOL!

Our ugly door frame after the "break-in".

I am thankful this happened during the day, and not at night. Imagine the ruckus! I am grateful to have caring neighbors who wouldn't think twice about extending a helping hand. As much as I am "Handy Mommy" to my kids, I wouldn't have been able to break that lock without their help.

Thank you, Doc and CL, for helping us break into our home! You are godsends.

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