Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 35: Delivery!

I had deliveries to make for NappyCakes. But I also had a ton of things up my sleeve. The S&R Sale was happening the next day, and I needed to go home and prepare for it. I was initially planning on going to Robinsons Galleria to deliver the NappyCake orders Tuesday evening after work. A quick MMDA App check revealed how traffic it was on EDSA, both Southbound and Northbound.

As I was about to leave the office, I thought to ask a colleague if he was passing by Galleria the next day. Our liaison does rounds of the stores throughout the week, and I thought maybe he could bring the cakes for me instead.

This isn't the cake I had delivered. I failed to take a photo. Oops.

And he said yes as he had Galleria on his itinerary the next day! Yay! That sure saved me a trip and allowed me to plan for Members' Treat.


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