Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 8: Blessed Hump Day!

I normally do not look forward to Wednesdays. See, my car is coded on hump days. And the wait to get out of the office just takes its toll, especially when the office gets deserted at exactly 6pm.

Over lunch yesterday, I was already thinking about what to write on this blog. It was M's post-birthday celebration so we all had free lunch yesterday. So midway through the day, I was already thankful.

FREE Chooks to Go for lunch! Thank you, M!
But you know how God pours out His blessings literally? Especially when you acknowledge all He has given and count it all joy? I had to rush to Taguig to attend a launch. And I not only got to take home a rice cooker, I also won P2000 worth of Gift Certificates from Rustan's! (The extra bonus is... I get to use these at Shopwise!)

P2000-worth of groceries! Yay!
Isn't God great! He takes care of you and gives you extras, too. What about you? What extra blessings have you received lately? Count it all joy! 


  1. Ms. Kaye!
    I saw your blog on Twitter and clicked the link!
    Today I woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual, so got to spend time with God that much more. <3

    Aheehee, time with Him is always precious, especially for busy people like us, noh? =D
    I love the idea of your blog! =)

    Everyday IS blessed! =D