Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 6: Great Friends!

This is a late post, since I was too tired when we got home last night. 

Yesterday, my kids got to spend time with Tito E, Tita A and their little girl C. RL was too excited to be spending the day with C.

We got to go around Trinoma, helped them run errands (buy last minute Filipino groceries for their trip back to Okinawa), and took them to Tiendesitas for dinner. Tito E wanted fishballs and squidballs, and I wasn't so sure there was a stall selling that in Tiendesitas. Alas, he found one right smack in the middle and had two large plates for dinner! Buti nalang!

Manong E with his squidballs and fishballs! LOL!

Good friends are hard to find, so it is a big (and rare!) blessing to find ones that stay for the journey. I am thankful to have found great friends in the Monteros. Tita A and I have known each other for the past 7 years, I think. It's nice to see our kids getting along so well.

Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with great family friends!

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