Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 3: Extra Time!

Many of us are quick to count material blessings, but fail to see the other things that come in disguise.

My little boy RL has been fretting about spending more time with his friend, C - daughter of our family friends A & E. We're headed out of town tomorrow with my folks, so RL doesn't have the weekend to play with C. They're here only until Thursday, as they head back to Okinawa (where E is based as a US Navy nurse), and then eventually, back to the US. So this might quite be their last trip back to the Philippines until who-knows-when.

RL & C - best friends across the miles.
We went out for dinner last night and had discussed tentative plans for next week (so much to do, so little time). Needless to say, RL was sad he won't get to play with C over the long weekend.

But wait! God knows the desires of our hearts! He knows the desire of RL's heart! Just a few minutes ago, I got a text to let me know that we will only be out 'til Sunday, since the hotel couldn't confirm our booking for Sunday night. Yay! That means, we will be back to spend time with our friends on Monday! And the whole day, too, since I won't have work!

God knows. Aren't you thankful that He does? 

"We know that in everything, God works for the good of those who love him." Romans 8:28 NCV

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